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Structural Engineering
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Providence Hospital

 Farid A. Chouery, P.E., S.E. (Project Engineer)



Design calculations & drawings for:

  • Seismic and Vertical design for new residential and light commercial buildings.

  • Seismic and Vertical design and retrofitting for existing structures.

Key Features & Benefits

  • We provide you with a customized solution to your situation.
  • We provide a cost effective solution within an overall system design.
  • We obtain all necessary structural permits.

Articles for Your Review:

Slip Surface by Variation for a Smooth Wall (revision 12/2011 add sentence in blue) (Slip.pdf) 284 KB

Coulomb Ka , Kp Static and Dynamic for Clay (revision 06/2007 pp 11,12 & 13 in blue, revision 08/2009 pp 6 equation 18 add + or - ) (KaKp.pdf) 247 KB

Variational Method in Deriving K0 (revision 05/2007 pp 36 in blue revision 08/2008 update Table 1) (K0.pdf) 387 KB

K0 Static and Dynamic for a Slanted Wall with a Ramp (revision 08/2008 add Table 3, revision 11/2009 pp15 in blue ) (K0ramp.pdf) 390 KB

Exact and Numerical Solutions for Large Deflection on Elastic Non-Prismatic Beams (revision add more solutions 12/2011, add missing figures 10/2015) (Elastica.pdf) 314 KB

Elastic Stresses in a Flexibly Restrained Soil Mass or Other (revision 07/2012 added more information) (LAGGING.pdf) 221 KB (lagging.xls) 60 KB

Stresses and Surcharge Stresses due to Plane Loading on Skewed Footings (Surcharge.pdf) 255 KB (revision 10/13/2008 add photo), (verify.xls) 37 KB, (stress.xls) 553 KB, (surcharge.xls) 573 KB.

Stresses Under Spread Footing Corners Due to Plane Loading on the Footing (corner.pdf) 182 KB, (stresscorner.xls) 325 KB

Kp for Wall with Friction with Exact Slip Surface (revision 07/2007 in blue) (kp2.pdf) 135 KB, (kp2.xls) 43 KB

Contact Shear (Contact.pdf) 297 KB

General Solution for Elastic Buckling and Ultimate Buckling for a Non-Prismatic Beams (Buckling.pdf) 299 KB

Exact and Numerical Solution for Large Deflection of Elastic Non-Prismatic Plates (Plates.pdf) 449KB

Slope Stability Slip Surface Using Variational Methods (Revision 6/2023 added photos) (Slope.pdf) 719KB; on 6/6/2023 added Analysis 2 (Slope2.pdf) 943KB

Determining Active and Passive Pressures for Cohesion and Cohesionless Soils Using Variation for a Smooth Wall (revision 08/1/2016 pp 34 typo equation 70) (Determining.pdf) 331KB

“To every load or weight there is a unique deflection curve” Presenting: we live in a unique universe, (Law.pdf) (update 9/19/2020)192KB

The Arching of Beams (Arching.pdf) 2063KB (Article complete April 2020) (Add Example 1A Plastic Lagging 7/14/2020 please check deflection) (simple.xlsx) 2658 KB (fixed.xlsx) 2919 KB

Adjacent Pile Soldier Piles (Adjacent.pdf) 286KB

Angled Pin Pile Foundation Fix (Angled.pdf) 463KB

Composite Earth Structure (Composite.pdf) 297KB





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