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Research Technologies:

  • The SSUE (Stable Surface in an Unstable Environment), 1st US Patent No. 7,040,247, (ssue.pdf - updated - 8/24/09- 375kb)

  • The SSUE (Stable Surface in an Unstable Environment), 2nd US Patent No 7,299,762

  • A new electronic outer space compass*.

  • Retaining Wall - Patent Obtained - patent application was filed March 14, 2008 - Application No. 61/036,859 Patent No. 7,896,582

  • Security System for Computers - Patent Obtained- patent was filed June 24, 2009 - Application No. 12/490809 Patent No. 8,151,073

  • DATA SORT USING MEMORY-INTENSIVE EXOSORT- filed March 3, 2014 - Application Number: 14/430,891

New Concept, "Chouery Retaining Wall." - Piles used to grip soil to improve the sliding safety factor,

and slanted heel to improve the overturning moment safety factor (Patent Pending)




New Concept, "Chouery Retaining Wall." wall is used to make a crawl space a full basement see pictures (221 kb)

Courtesy of Revamp Construction and (Armstrong Architectural Consulting & Design) now Ruth A. McCann Consulting & Design

* available for review subject to Non-disclosure Agreement.

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